An amazing body transformation.

Photo on the left my client is 16  stone. Now after training with me he is now 13.4 stone!

We get great results @ FitbodyZen

My Client Janet’s weight loss Story in her own words.

I first went to the Doctors in May 2014 with High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Bordering on the lines to becoming Diabetic I had bad knees and a bad back.

My weight was 105kg or above, waist 45 inches. I wasn’t in a good place I got referred to the NHS and put on a Get Fit Active Program. I started a 12-week fitness program on the 24th of June 2014.

It was hard work but I really enjoyed it and I could see the results slowly happening I started to feel completely different mentally and physically.

After the program finished I joined the Gym for a while and then moved area.

I joined a new Gym in Oct 2015 where I met Matt from Fitbodyzen. I signed up for personal training with him.

We train twice a week together and on the days I’m not training with him I swim and train at the Gym. I now weigh in at 78kg waist 38 inches .

I have never looked back and it’s the best thing I ever did! I love it, feeling stronger, fitter, healthier, energised, focused and more confident.

My Journey goes on I am doing stuff with Matt I never thought possible! He pushes me to the next level in every session keeping it fun,  interesting and motivational. Matt your the best!

Thank you Janet 😊

My Client Martin Suffered 2 major separate tumours on the brain which effected his balance co-ordination and  effected his walking wide gait movement and slight paralysis of the right arm.

The surgery was successful in removal of the tumours but left Martin in a bad way . We have been working together for the past 2 years to get Martin back on his feet and improve his balance, co-ordination, strength and general health for a  better quality of life and let me tell you this man is getting better everyday with sheer determination and focus and not once has he complained or opted out of any exercise given to him.

It’s a pleasure training Martin and watching his gains and determination onwards and upwards Martin.

I Really enjoy the PT sessions with Matt. Since starting our Training I have reduced  body weight feel more toned all over more energy mentally and physically.

Matt is really patient and knowledgeable as I suffer from low blood pressure and often get light headed but he knows how hard to push me while monitoring me closely.

I Would recommend Matt @ FitBodyzen any day.